Bossa Nova

1.1-mr. z - bossa nova στην ταράτσα (3:52) 2.2-Mario Biondi and the High Five Quintet - This Is What You Are 3.3-Koop - I See a Different You (Official Music Video) (3:16) 4.4 Tres-men - I Wouldn't Change A Thing 5.5-Bajka - True (Bahama Soul Clup Remix) 6.6-The Juju Orchestra - This is not a tango (5:29) 7.7-De-Phazz - Hell Alright (3:16) 8.8-Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due 9.9 COCO STEEL Yacjts a man called adam 10.10-Dimitri From Paris - Une Very Stylish Fille 11.11-Afro Shigida - The Bahama Soul Club 12.12-Dr. Rubberfunk - Baby Bossa 13.13-Papa Cobana - Perfect Body 14.14 Orchestre Franco - Je t' attends (Palov Bossanova Edit) 15.15-Mo´horizon - Free e Easy 16.16-Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (4:39) 17.17-Skeewiff Brass Beats Bongos 18.18-DJ Cam - Un eté a Paris【HD】 19.19-Roberto Roena - Take Five (Nicola Conte Remix) 20.20-Koop - Summer Sun 21.21-Gabin ft Jho Jenkins - It's gonna be 22.22-S-Tone Inc - Bahia Mon Amour 23.23-Club des Belugas feat Ian MacKenzie Frankie 24.24 Gabin - Sweet Sadness - GABIN -05 25.25 -Rosalia de souza  - Bossa 31 26.26-The Invisible Session - 'Till The End (feat. Jenny B) 27.27-Les Négresses Vertes - Face à la Mer (Massive Attack Remix) 28.28-Slow Train Soul - Naturally 29.29-Kind Of Latin Rhythm - The Juju Orchestra (2006) 30.30-Christian Prommers Drumlesson - Strings of life 31.31-St Germain - Rose rouge 32.32-S-Tone Inc. - Dreamer Feat. Laura Fedele 33.33-Metrophonics feat Mel Collins - Latin Racer 34.34-TAPE FIVE Bossa for a Coup 35.35 Gerardo Frisina - Descarga 36.36-Club Des Belugas - A Men 's Scene 37.37-Comment te dire adieu (cover by MONTEFIORI COCKTAIL) 38.39 Quincy Jones - SOUL BOSSA NOVA 39.39-It's Such a Good Night (Scoobidoo Love) 40.40-nicola conte love me till sunday 41.41-JOE HARNELL 42.42-Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Bird of Spring - 05 FIND A WAY bossa nova μποσα νοβα μποσσα νοβα μπόσσα νόβα
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