Mess Up

1.1-Peggy Lee Vs Iggy Pop - Passenger Fever. (3:06) 2.2-Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode - Tainted Jesus (lobsterdust mashup) (2:40) 3.3-Why did 7 nation army do that(Matina Sous Peau mashup) (4:07) 4.4-Jefferson Airplane vs. Fatboy Slim - Somebody To Praise (lobsterdust mashup) (4:27) 5.5-Stayin' Alive In The Wall (Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees Mashup) by Wax Audio (3:22) 6.6-Daft Punk Vs Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Get Lucky (Noy Alooshe Mash Up) (3:29) 7.7-James Brown Vs Fatboy Slim - I Feel Good (4:25) 8.8-Break Through Love (DJ Zebra) (3:41) 9.9-MGMT vs. Nirvana - Smells Like Kid Spirit (4:18) 10.10-Amy Winehouse & Manu Chao - Rehab (Remix) (4:06) 11.11-Adele - Rolling In The Deep & Moby - Extreme Ways. (4:03) 12.12-Zac F - The Time Is Now To Getting Away With It(Unreleased Mash Up 2011) (5:56) 13.13-Beirut and Florence and the Machine - Postcards from Italy (4:26) 14.14-Boulevard Of Broken Songs - Green Day ; Oasis ft.Travis ; Eminem [Lyric] (4:34) 15.15-The Police Ben E King mashup (3:44) 16.16-Blondie VS Muse - Call Me Uprising (3:38) 17.17-Never Let Me Shout Again (Tears for Fears vs Depeche Mode) (3:52) 18.18-Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army (4:00) 19.19-Kid Cudi ft Ratatat - Loud Things (3:30) 20.20-Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs. Cypress Hill - Insane Kolomeika (Instru-mental) (3:22)
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