Coffee And Cigarettes

1.1-Nick Cave & PJ Harvey - Henry Lee ( Lyric Video ) (3:52) 2.2-Micatone - Handbrake (4:20) 3.3-The Dead Brothers - Dull Day (5:19) 4.4-Mazzy Star -- Lay Myself Down (4:27) 5.5-Weightless Again - The Handsome Family (3:37) 6.6-Steak Knives by Man Man (3:20) 7.7-The Milk Deliver Me (4:28) 8.8-Caetano Veloso - Come As You Are (Disco A Foreign Sound 2004) (4:17) 9.9-Katie Melua - Wonderful Life (4:04) 10.10-Moriarty - Jimmy (4:24) 11.11-Tarnation - Your Thoughts And Mine (4:02) 12.The Altered Hours - Open Wide (3:26) 13.13-StarWound - Buy Me (4:06) 14.14-Diego Garcia - Stay (3:02) 15.15-Dioni That Summer (5:04) 16.Dustbowl - Flamin' Rose (4:40) 17.16-Sivert Høyem - Sleepwalking Man (official video) (4:01) 18.17-The Sailing Tomatoes-What brings me down (2:56) 19.18-Wovenhand - Whistling Girl (Live on KEXP) (4:20) 20.19-Mark Lanegan - (2001) - One Way Street (4:19) 21.20-Kat Edmonson You Can't Break My Heart (3:54) 22.21-Rob Coffinshaker OFFICIAL Whispers Through the Black Veil promo (3:23) 23.22-Kris Kristofferson - Casey's Last Ride (3:37) 24.23-Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-Paris Summer 25.24-Dalida - Bang Bang 26.25-papercuts - future primitive 27.26-Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. - Rot Inside 28.27-A Marriage Made in Heaven - Tindersticks featuring Isabella Rossellini 29.28-Songs Ohia-Nervous Bride 30.29-the walkabouts long time here 31.30-The alcoholic's afternoon - White room 32.31-Asaf Avidan - My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days (Gold Shadow 2015) 33.32-Tarantella - Un Año De Amor 34.33-Antic Clay - Wife and Widow 35.34-The White Stripes One more cup of coffee (valley below) 36.35-Tom Waits - Green Grass 37.37-Timber Timbre - This Low Commotion 38.38-Ben Howard - Small Things (Lyrics) 39.39-Epiphany-Staind 40.40-Puressence - Standing In Your Shadow 41.41-Placebo - Ask for Answers 42.42-The National - Sunshine On My Back 43.-Absynthe Minded - My Heroics, Part One 44.-C'mon Billy-PJ Harvey (Track 04) 45.-Daydream - Gunter Kallmann Choir 46.Free Form Trio feat. Tonia - Whos Gonna Save My Soul (live cover) 47.-Geneva - Pleasant Street 48.I Am Kloot Avenue of Hope 49.-I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier - John Lennon Cover 50.Kal cahoone Boomerang 51.madrugada - new woman new man 52.-MADRUGADA - The Frontman 53.Mazzy Star - I've Gotta Stop 54.Nouvelle Vague - All My Colours 55.Papercut Not the End ft Kid Moxie (Pockets of Silence) [The Sound Of Everything] 56.Pulp Fiction Soundtrack - If Love is a Red Dress Hang Me in Rags (1993) - Maria McKee -Track 11- HD 57.The Coffinshakers- Last night down by the grave 58.the white buffalo the matador 59.Tobias Jesso Jr. - How Could You Babe 60.-Yael Naim - Dream In My Head καφες και τσιγαρα
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