Lost Game

1.1-The Limiñanas - Je suis une Go-Go Girl (3:59) 2.2-La Luz - Call Me in the Day [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (3:23) 3.3-Baby Jesus - You And I (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (3:17) 4.4-The Black Keys-Ten Cent Pistol (4:29) 5.5-Arctic Monkeys - On a Mission (HQ) (2:54) 6.6-22 20s White Lines (3:42) 7.7-The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Nevertheless (2001) (3:32) 8.8-The Babe Rainbow - Strawberry Cult Reincarnation (2:05) 9.9-Las Luces Primeras - Alfa Dorada (3:32) 10.10-Social End Products - Desert Knows My Name 11.11 - Echo train - Dusk -For your love -The Yardbirds cover (live) (2:47) 12.12-My Drunken Haze - Gambling Woman (3:06) 13.13-ALIEN MUSTANGS - Red Tambourine (3:55) 14.14-Psychomagic- Mutated Love (3:26) 15.15-Allah-Las - No Werewolf (Official Video) 16.16-Temples - Sand Dance 17.17-Black Mountain - Wucan 18.18-The Growlers - Drinkin' The Juice Blues 19.19-The Soundcarriers - Low Light 20.20-Israel Nash - Who In Time 21.21-Mr. Day - Queen Of The Minstrels 22.21-The Parrots - To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here (Offcial Video) 23.22-Dead Lagoon • I Want You 24.23- WIDOWSPEAK - Girls (Official Single) 25.24-BØRNS (BORNS) & Petite Meller - Sunday Morning (Full audio)


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