1.Balmorhea - The Winter (5:45) 2.Wiretree - Big Coat (3:37) 3.Michael Galasso - Blue (5:44) 4.Carte Postale - Youth in Revolt (3:47) 5.Feist - Cicadas and Gulls (3:16) 6.Clint Mansell - Xibalba (5:22) 7.Patrick Kelleher - Coat To Wear (3:27) 8.Kings of Leon - Cold Desert (5:34) 9.Cold Water-Damien Rice (4:59) 10.Various Artists - Dark Spanish Symphony ['50s Version] (2:42) 11.The National - Fake Empire (3:25) 12.Clint Mansell - First Snow (3:08) 13.First Snow-Emancipator (6:50) 14.Dan Black - First Snowfall (5:02) 15.first winter-i saw 43 sunsets 16.Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal 17.Flowers in December-Mazzy Star 18.Flume-Bon Iver 19.Follow The Map-Mono 20.How The Winter Comes-Absent Without Leave 21.It's Dark, It's Cold, It's Winter-sleepmakeswaves 22.Julee Cruise - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears 23.Just Like A Mexican Love-David Eugene Edwards & Crippled Black Phoenix 24.Khruang Bin - A Calf is Born in Winter 25.Lies-Broken Records 26.Little Dreamer-Future Islands 27.Matt Elliott - Our Weight in Oil 28.Mike Patton - The Snow Angel 29.Murder Ballad-The Boxer Rebellion 30.Nalyssa Green - Snow 31.No Clear Mind - Static 32.North-Phoenix 33.Our Winter Love-Bill Purcell 34.Peter Broderick - A Snowflake 35.Riders On The Storm-The Doors 36.Right Where You Are-Lilium 37.Season Song-John Murphy 38.She's Been Living In The Corn-Birdengine 39.Smoke-Moddi 40.Snowfall-Esquivel 41.Snowy in F# Minor-Tindersticks 42.Song For The Winter Sun-The Loom 43.The First Rain-Absent Without Leave 44.This Will Destroy You - Threads 45.Time Stood Still-Common Sense 46.tindersticks -What Are You Fighting For- 47.Winter Ghosts-JBM 48.Winter Lady-Leonard Cohen 49.Winter Song-Sara Barielles And Ingrid Michaelson 50.Winter-John Smith 51.Winter-The Rolling Stones 52.Winter-Tori Amos 53.WISE CHILDREN - Winter's Wall 54.Yann Tiersen - Le Moulin 55.You Never Loved This City-Piano Magic 56.your hand - Formaica 57.Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen-Reigns
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