The Sound Of Reading

1.Air - Alone In Kyoto (4:47) 2.Nosaj Thing - Aquarium (3:07) 3.The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds (2:38) 4.Tristeza - Balabaristas (6:07) 5.Balmorhea - Dream Of Thaw (5:03) 6.Balmorhea - The Summer (3:56) 7.Bonobo - Black Sands (6:49) 8.Eleni Karaindrou - By The Sea (1:47) 9.Khonnor - Cantelopps (4:35) 10.Cécile Corbel - Sho's Waltz (2:44) 11.Soundtrack - The Winner Is (3:04) 12.Röyksopp - De Usuahia a la Quiaca (Röyksopp Version) (4:47) 13.Dexter Britain - The Time To Run (Finale) (6:48) 14.Echoes-Tom Day 15.Field Rotation - Regenzeit II 16.First Rendez-Vous-Yann Tiersen 17.Formaica-your hand 18.Ftina tsigara-Kalatzopoulos 19.Games Without End-Adelaide 20.George Varsamakis-My new friend (O καινουριος μου φιλος) (1) 21.Goldmund - Dixie 22.Goran Bregović - Lullaby (Taken From Queen Margot OST) 23.Headphone Girl-Cosmonaut Grechko 24.Iridium-Lullabies In The Dark 25.Jocelyn Pook - Honey Bee Story 26.La Grande Cascade-René Aubry 27.Ludovico Einaudi - Experience 28.Ludovico Einaudi - Walk (Phaeleh Remix) 29.Metamorphosis Two-Philip Glass 30.mia volta me thn piuzy-Στέρεο Νόβα 31.Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First 32.Minor Cause-Emancipator 33.Mogwai - Does This Always happen- 34.Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack The Heroic Weather-Conditions of The Universe, Part 2 Smoke Fire 35.Mr Nobody Soundtrack 36.Nosaj Thing - Fog (ages cover) 37.Notis Mavroudis - Myrizei O Kosmos Giasemi 38.Oltremare-Ludovico Einaudi 39.Orae - 03 Lesson of Thought 40.Othello-Chilly Gonzales 41.papdimitriou - deuteri isimeria 42.Ponds - Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Commercial Song 2011-BIGGI HILMARS 43.Rachel's - Water From The Same Source 44.Ramparts-John Frusciante 45.Saeglopur-Sigur Rós 46.Struggle For Pleasure-Wim Mertens 47.Take me somewhere nice-Mogwai 48.The Album Leaf - Skylines 49.The Wedding Waltz 50.Wake up call-Cantaloup 51.Wind-Brian Crain 52.Yann Tiersen - Le Moulin
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