Space Trip

1.Mogwai - 2 rights make 1 wrong (9:05) 2.A Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed (7:22) 3.Simian Ghost - Endless Chord (3:28) 4.A Boy and His Kite - Wash Me Clean (4:43) 5.Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place (2:58) 6.The National - About Today (7:18) 7.Archive - Again (16:17) 8.The xx - Angels (2:52) 9.Any Other Name-Thomas Newman (4:09) 10.The American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize (2:08) 11.Arcade Fire - Dimensions (5:42) 12.Archive - Lights (18:28) 13.B Minor-Lanterna 14.Balmorhea - Days 15.Balmorhea - Divisadero 16.biutiful soundtrack-vitaliy zavadskyy 17.Black Spider-Mogwai 18.Calf- My Untouched Heart is Less Despair than You are and Your Fucking New Living Room 19.Calgary-Bon Iver 20.Casilofi- Little Treasure 21.Cinekod - Alone with the trees 22.Death Is the Road to Awe-Clint Mansell 23.East Hastings - The Sad Mafioso...-Godspeed You! Black Emperor 24.Endless Tale-The Polar Dream 25.Este Silencio - Milagre 26.Faded Photographs-Absent Without Leave 27.Félperc ~ So You Think You Can Fly - 28.First Snow-Clint Mansell 29.Future Prospect-Biggi Hilmars 30.Hans Zimmer - Time 31.Helios - Bless This Morning Year 32.Hiatus - Save Yourself 33.Human Qualities-Explosions in the Sky 34.I Can Almost See You-Hammock 35.I Sold My Hands for Food So Please Feed Me-Get Well Soon 36.In The House-In A Heartbeat-28 Days Later 37.Inside-UNKLE 38.Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger 39.Kattoo ~ You Don't Know Me 40.Lazy Eyes - Wait 41.Little-Future Islands 42.lonely world-cam butler 43.Mr. Nobody-Pierre Van Dormael 44.Old Haunts - Memoryhouse 45.Outro-M83 46.Prelude-Get Well Soon 47.Providence - Dead Metheny...-Godspeed You! Black Emperor 48.Pure As Snow-Mono 49.Quiet America-Memoryhouse 50.REMEMBER REMEMBER - Magnets 51.Saint Marie 52.Sea Above, Sky Below-Dirty Three 53.Smile-Takahiro Kido 54.Soft Light Rush (ii)-Port St. Willow 55.Solar Bears - Oceans Bleeding Through 56.Still Parade - Actors 57.Summer Fades Away - Thank You 58.The Air Between Us-Hammock 59.The Dead Flag Blues - The Cowboy...-Godspeed You! Black Emperor 60.The Invisible Dog-Electrelane 61.The way home-Sleep dealer 62.This Will Destroy You - Freedom Blade 63.Tom Day - Who We Want To Be 64.Untitled 1-Sigur Rós 65.Vaillant Theme-Archive 66.Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Stakes 67.Varut-Sigur Rós 68.Walk In Regret-I Am The Architect 69.Γιώτγος Καρράς-a place αστρικα ταξιδια
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